The second scientific-practical seminar on "Modern approaches in the cultivation of the hazelnut plant" was held in Gubaç organized by the Scientific Research Institute of Fruit and Tea Cultivation. In the seminar opened by the director of the institute, Ilham Garagurbanli, with the participation of domestic and foreign experts, the passporting of hazelnut genetic resources in Azerbaijan, the cultivation of hazelnut fruit plants based on the study of the climate, the danger of aflatoxin from the hazelnut plant and countermeasures, the main aspects of the technology of planting super-intensive hazelnut orchards, the drip irrigation system in hazelnut orchards application and a number of current topics were discussed in detail. The questions of farmers and experts participating in the scientific-practical seminar were responded. Later, the participants of the seminar visited the super-intensive type hazelnut orchard and the hazelnut nursery established on the basis of modern technologies at the Zardabi Scientific Experimential Base.