Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Microbiology

Basic activity directions

  • Studying the diversity of microorganisms in natural habitats and ecological, physiological, biochemical and biotechnological basis for their use
  • Main scientific achievements

  • Identified the characteristic by high basal level of some hydrolases inductively synthesized by xylotrophic macromycetes, developed a scientific and practical basis effective biotransformation of plant waste by principle "low-waste or non-waste at a particular stage" technology;

  • From plants are included in the flora of Azerbaijan were isolated essential oils have a selective action on fungi;

  • Determined ability of fungi to synthesize compounds consisting of a mixture of various amounts of carbon atoms and various functional groups of polyacetylenes, opposed to chemical synthesis while the process together with optically active glycols relating to a number of compounds polyacetylenes also was identified synthesis of ketoalcohols;

  • Was conducted the microbiological evaluation modern ecological status of aquatic ecosystems of Azerbaijan, developed the biotechnological bases of cleaning water and soil contaminated with petroleum and petroleum products, and for this purpose found the optimal ratio of species, presented in the association of microorganisms effective for this purpose;

  • Was revealed spread over 30 species new for the mycobiota of Azerbaijan nature.


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