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Institute of Microbiology

08.06.2015 10:18


“Basics of oil-gas geoecology” book released

“Basics of oil-gas geoecology” book co-authored by chief of Ecological microbiology lab of ANAS Institute of Microbiology, active member of Europe Academy of Natural Sciences, prof. Nariman Ismayilov and Russian scientists – Yuri Pikovsky and MarinaDorokhova, was released.

Edition covers data about oil-gas ecology. The first chapter dedicated to hydrocarbon-containing substances - carbon dioxide, petroleum products and toxic substances sealers in the biosphere, including natural and man-made sources of composition of the hydrocarbon-containing substances, features, toxic units.

Second chapter analyzes the changes in the atmosphere, soil, vegetation, surface and ground waters, marine environment under the influence of oil and gas industry. Third chapter discusses self-removal processes of the oil polluted soils and water ecosystems.

Materials relied on authors’ perennial researches and modern academic sources.

Book is intended for students of highest schools, experts operating in the sphere of oil-gas, including mass readers interested in ecological essence of oil-gas in the environment and society.

You can get acquainted with e-version of the book at

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