Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Microbiology

21.05.2015 08:55


Book devoted to life and scientific researches of academician Mammad Salmanov’s published

The book “I lived like this” ("Mən belə yaşadım") dedicated to the life and activity of the outstanding scientist, microbiologist, Laureate of "Shohrat" order Director of ANAS Institute of Microbiology, academician Mammad Salmanov.

Editor of the book, published by the “Apostpoff” publishing house is corresponding member of ANAS Rafig Gasimov.

Book compiles rich and difficult life way of Mammad Salmanov.

In the new edition it is noted that over latest 60 years, prominent scientist in detail studied water sources of Azerbaijan – river, lake, reservoirs, geothermal sources, including the Caspian Sea, in particular, the river Kura and Araz from microbiological, hydro biological, toxicological and ecological view point by years and seasons.

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