Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

Institute of Microbiology

29.04.2015 12:00


Discussions on the new technologies for genomics and cell biology

Laboratory corpus of the Institute of Botany held workshop on topic “New technologies for genomics and cell biology” by organization of “LABSERVICE Ltd”, distributor of “Bio-Rad” Co. of the U.S. in Azerbaijan.

Event brought together employees of the Institutes of Botany, Physicology, Zoology and Microbiology, PhD students, and delegates of various diagnostics clinics.

In the workshop, expert of “Bio-Rad” Co. in Moscow PhD Irina Shahmayeva delivered a lecture on "Real-Time PCR principles: Equipment. Optimization of RT-PCR conditions. Analysis of gene expression. Phases of transcription and what should be focused on?

Lectures on following topics were delivered in the event: "QX200 technology - quality leap in quantitative PCR. Prime PCR systems in QX200 device by means of ddPCR (digital PCR) method for detection of cancer markers", "Streaming into cytometer. S3e modern and reliable cell divider" and "Zoe-new fluorescent imager".  Workshop attendees were provided information for comparative analysis of classic PCR and RT-PCR reagents, innovations and their benefits.

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